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Woodfree fine paper 60~250 Generally used for printing paper such as office document and notes.
Art paper 80~300 High-class art paper produced by advanced Off-Machine coater . High-quality printing paper to meet customer’s needs by virtue of excellent product homogeneity and printability in printing. Additionally, their outstanding color reproduction has been recognized even in foreign countries. Used for high-class commercial prints including brochures, catalogs, photo books, illustrated magazines and calendars.
Art paper
(one side coated)
70~150 For better gloss and smoothness, only one side of paper is coated. Excellent color reproduction in printing. Used for sticker’s upper paper, shopping bags, label sheet and so on.
MFC paper 70~150 In spite of low thickness, high opacity causes minimal show-through. Excellent product homogeneity and printability enable to meet fully the customer needs concerning printing workability and quality.Used for high-price prints such as textbooks and study books.
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