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Giro paper 90 Good surface condition, stiffness, and free of dust, it minimizes errors to interfere on computer decoding for Giro.

Bankbook paper

105 A functional paper with high smoothness, stiffness and uniform thickness leading to excellent process ability for bankbook. Used for all kinds of bankbook paper.
OMR paper 90, 105 Sophisticated data-recording paper with superior paper profile and high smoothness, minimizing possible errors in computer reading-out. Used for all types of exam paper and data-recording paper.
Computer paper 70 Paper to insert between two electromagnetic plates. Base paper for double sided tape.
Plotter paper 80~85 Suitable as printer paper for precise and elaborate drawings by virtue of excellent letter and image reproduction as well as no feathering. Used as drawing printer paper or high-grade office copying paper.
Photosensitive base paper 70 Ideal for keeping consistent absorption in coating with photosensitive emulsion, thanks to the uniform and smooth surface texture.
Drawing paper 105, 130
Widely used for drawing and painting in all types of drawing paper and sketchbook.
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