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Porous Plug wrap paper for cigarette filter 20~60 It is used for inside wrapping of cigarette filters. There are lots of porous papers from low to high porosities.

Paper for
fruit wrapping

27~50 This paper has high wet strength, and adequate photo-permeability, air-permeability and splash resistance. This paper is used for wrapping immature fruits in order to promote their growth and maturation and to protecting them against damages by blight, harmful insects and contamination with agrichemicals.
Parchment paper 13~70 Used as color base paper, aluminum slip sheet and shopping bag strip paper.
Tissue paper 12~50 Used as food wrappers, snack wrappers, medicine wrapping , and double-sided tape paper.
Tea bags 60~80 With excellent Gravure printability and elasticity, this product is used for single-use (disposable) tea bags.
Slip sheets for sheet steel 25 Inserted between steel sheets to protect them.
Lens paper 13 This product has the advantage of softness and is free of dust. It is used for cleansing and packing optical lens.
Twine paper 18~24 With superior tensile strength and proper process ability, this product is used for decorative, artifacts and wallpaper base of twines.
Pasting paper for batteries 15~16 Used to prevent the active substances of electrode plate of batteries from leaking, or to insulate batteries or any other industrial materials.
Core pasting paper 40~52 The wire side of the paper is printed and then, attached to the core for clothes and fibers.
Vaccum cleaner filter paper 17 With good air-permeability and uniform formation, this product is used as vacuum cleaner's filter paper.
Layer paper 18~35 Used as the paper for veneer board patterning or surface treatment.
Transfer paper 18~35 Used as dyed transfer paper after printing.
Food wrapping paper 25~45 By virtue of good sanitary property and printability, this product is used as wrapping paper for steamed Chinese bread or hamburgers.
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